Inspiring HD content and learning experiences for exploration, science and storytelling.

Our passion is to create 3D, Augmented and Virtual Reality environments based on both real and imagined lands. With love for the work, attention to detail and a team of multi-talented creatives, we  craft beautiful content with a  purpose.

We search and interpret data from satellite images, photographs, plans and projections to create environments that are true to life, optimised and aesthetically pleasing. Perfect for collaboration with archaeologists, architects, interior and landscaping designers, engineers, science journalists, bioneers and pioneers.

KPDigital provides media to augment research and communication dealing with the natural world, culture, ecology, archaeology and paleontology.

Reconstructions of archaeological sites and features based on Geographic Information Systems, air photographs, field data and relevant resources provided by academic co-creators. Balanced use and selection of of real-world data and procedural processes for simulation and world-building.

Our goal: to bridge the gap between hard science and soft reception to create informative and educational pieces which promote organic learning through interest, curiosity and design.

What we do: High quality synthetic media, character development, sonic logos, models and simulations that demonstrate scientific concepts, photo-realistic reconstructions and renders for press release. Visualisations of complex relationships over time in cultural ecosystems.

Our strength: critical thinking and problem solving using multi-source data, various software, continuous self-learning and co-creation with academics.

Digital reconstructions of artifacts, rock art and other cultural material for research, web archiving and outreach. All our pieces are created or recreated with attentive eyes,  beautiful lighting and detailed textures. This content is perfect for documentaries, informational videos and video games.

We develop VR/AR and mobile apps for specialised niche domains with global appeal and marketability See our other projects and

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