Our Team

Stephen Bánhegyi – Managing Consultant

Stephen is a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society and holds a BA, BSc(Hons) and MSc(Archeology) from Wits University where he specialised in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping of archaeological structures and settlement patterns. He has facilitated for companies such as General Electric, AfroSAI (organisation of supreme audit institutions), University of Johannesburg, Wits University among others. Stephen is a great motivator who leads by example and has helped many young people find their meaning and purpose. Stephen is a technology enthusiast and has experience in GIS visualization, simulation, statistical analysis and modelling software and has the ability to make complex data easy to conceptualise with simple yet rigorous workflows and aesthetically engaging outputs. Stephen is currently involved in using game development software to reconstruct spatially accurate models of archaeological sites for research, curation and public engagement. He has also been involved in developing a technology/cultural innovation framework to engage communities in stopping poaching and abuse of state lands.


Tristan Bánhegyi – Trabsmedia design & Development

Tristan works with sounds, music, modeling and simulation.

stephen fieldwork picture 1